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About Us

The first Foundation for Public Broadcasting received its first Charter on May 8, 1985, by a group of individuals including the famous short story writer, photographer and novelist, Eudora Welty, who were committed to the mission of educational broadcasting for Mississippians. Prior to the establishment of the foundation, Mississippians for Educational Broadcasting, Inc. (MEB) raised funds through membership dues and contributions for the benefit of Mississippi Authority for Educational Television (MAET). When the Foundation was established, MEB turned over its membership list to the Foundation so that all fundraising could be centralized.

The purpose of the foundation at that time were stated to be as follows. “The purposes for which THE FOUNDATION FOR PUBLIC BROADCASTING IN MISSISSIPPI, INC., is organized are to organize, conduct and implement all forms of fundraising activities in the name of the FOUNDATION on behalf of the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television. All funds receive by such fundraising activities shall be used solely for the benefit and support of the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television.”

The names may have changed but the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Foundation’s purpose today remains the same, “to solicit, receive, invest and expend private funds donated by the general public and private entities for charitable and educational purposes related to the support, promotion, development and growth of public broadcasting in Mississippi. The MPB Foundation shall direct all of its efforts to Support Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB).”

The MPB Foundation, staff and board members work on a daily basis with the staff of Mississippi Public Broadcasting to make Mississippi our Mission by bringing quality education, radio and television to the citizens of Mississippi. This helps guarantee a bright future for Mississippi.