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Sustainer FAQ

What is an MPB Sustainer?
An MPB Sustainer gives automatically every month via EFT from a bank account or by credit or debit card. Becoming a Sustainer means your monthly support will renew every 12 months until you ask us to make a change. Sustainers are among our most valued members: besides being loyal and generous, Sustainers save us administrative costs and provide steady, reliable funding that enables us to plan for the future.

Can I receive thank-you gifts?
Yes. When you become an MPB Sustainer, you are eligible for thank-you gifts available at your level of giving.

What if my credit card expires or changes?
A: If your credit card expires or changes, please submit an update payment information form or call our 24-hour secure payment update line at 877-844-3100. Avoid future worries by switching to electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank. Contact us by any method listed above and we will help you make the switch to an electronic funds transfer.

How can I change or stop my monthly giving?
You may request any change to your monthly gift at any time by submitting our contact form, emailing us at or by calling our 24-hour secure payment update line at 877-844-3100. If you became a sustaining donor and received a thank you gift within the past year, you may convert to the one-time donation amount. This keeps your membership active for a full year. If you became a sustaining donor and did not request a thank you gift, you may decrease or cancel your membership at any time. Please be certain you receive a message back from us confirming that we have processed your request.

Membership FAQ

How can I find out what programs are scheduled to air on MPB and when?
View the MPB Television Schedule, MPB Think Radio Schedule, or MPB Music Radio Schedule.

When will my thank-you gift arrive?
Please allow two to four weeks for your item to arrive. Some items arrive sooner. If it has been longer than four weeks and you have not heard from us about it, please send us the details at

I just sent you my renewal. Why am I still getting notices?
To be as cost-efficient as possible, we print and send our notices in bulk and so what you receive in your mailbox has been on its way to your home for up to a month. If your renewal and our notice have crossed in the mail, please disregard the notice and accept our apologies.

My Fine Tuning guide didn't arrive!
There are a few reasons why your Fine Tuning program guide may not have arrived. It might have been lost in the mail; we may not have your correct address; or your membership may have lapsed. Let us know: 833-613-2033 or

Why did I get two program guides?
You may be on our mailing list twice. The best way to correct this is to email  mail the address labels from both copies or email a photo of the labels ( so we can merge your two listings. Here's our address:

MPB Foundation
3825 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, MS 39211