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By signing up for automatic monthly donations that renew annually, MPB Sustainers make us stronger every day. Join the growing number of MPB supporters who have said “goodbye” to renewal notices, and “hello” to uninterrupted membership.

Not ready to become a sustainer? We are happy to accept your one-time donation in any amount: online, by mail, or by calling toll-free 833-613-2033 and asking for "member services."

MPB Members who become Sustainers (agree to ongoing, automatic monthly donations of $5 or more) receive:

  • Everything mentioned at right, plus...
  • An invitation to attend a special, behind-the-scenes group tour of MPB Studios.
  • No renewal notices.
  • Uninterrupted membership. You’ll never miss an issue of Fine Tuning, and we'll never miss a month of your support.
  • The right to increase, decrease, or discontinue your Sustainer membership at any time.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that by providing stable, reliable funding, you help MPB grow and plan for the future, and you stand among our most loyal, most valued members.

MPB Members who donate at least $60 per year receive:

  • Everything mentioned at right, plus...
  • Fine Tuning, our monthly magazine with TV and radio program guide.
  • Access to MPB Passport, our online streaming video portal for premium PBS and MPB content.
  • A thank-you gift, if you choose to receive one.

MPB Members who donate any amount receive:

  • An invitation to sign up for electronic Fine Tuning, our weekly e-newsletter of programming and event highlights.
  • An annual tax receipt each January.
  • That great feeling you get from supporting high-quality, entertaining and educational programming and services for your neighbors across Mississippi
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