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MPB Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that can help individuals and businesses achieve financial goals through our targeted and integrated sponsorship programs.

Become An MPB Corporate Sponsor

Whether you are a business or individual, becoming a sponsor of MPB will provide advantages to you and the larger community.

First, you will be helping support the production of high-quality educational programming that increases awareness for children and adults alike.

Also, sponsoring our programs will help your business raise its public profile. Local sponsors can support programs that focus on Mississippi, programs like “Mississippi Roads” and “Conversations.” Or if you prefer our local radio programs, the “Gestalt Gardener” offers the best gardening advice you can get anywhere. Also, shows like “Southern Remedy,” “In Legal Terms,” and “Fix It 101” offer free health, legal, and around the house advice. Whatever your niche, MPB can help you create radio and television messages to air in these programs that showcase your company’s contributions to our community. Delivering your message adjacent to one of these programs will help your business stand out on television and radio in an uncluttered manner.

And, MPB’s statewide radio and television coverage allows you to share your message with the entire state, covering all Mississippi DMA’s (Designated Marketing Areas) with our “one stop shop!”

We are affiliated with PBS, one of the largest educational media brands in the country. Your support for our educational programs that are produced on national or local levels helps us remain one of the most trusted American broadcasting stations in the country.

MPB is focused on producing programs for PBS that help expand the minds of children as well as adults. Our documentaries help open up new worlds to the public. We create programs that introduce Americans to the wonders of science, history, geography, astronomy and literature. Our programs also help connect people to the world of art, music, dance, theater and cultures from around the world.


To learn more, please contact Angela Ferraez at or (601) 432-6257.